Because we care about the future world our current Keiki's will grow into, we think about how we might make their future just a little bit better. Beyond the critical work we do with developing communication skills, confidence and curiosity, we also are committed to making our small mark on their future environment. Here are the choices we have made:

Diapers: We contract with Earth Baby compostable diaper service. Composted diapers become soil for sports fields rather than taking up space in landfills.

Lunch Pack: At the beginning of the year we give each family a stainless steel lunch kit so each family can avoid use of plastic, aluminum foil or saran wrap when packing lunches.

Compost: In our organic garden we teach composting and recycling as well as planting and growing food we eat... especially our halloween pumpkins.

Worm Box: We again reinforce the values of recycling and composting with our worm box... not to mention the fun of watching the worms wiggle.

Art: Our art projects feature recycled materials. Most of the sculptures created, the collages, even the painting we do is on found objects, things donated or items from the Depot for Creative Reuse.

Play Dough: Every week we make our own play dough, avoiding unnecessary chemicals and allowing the children to participate in making the play dough and choosing the colors.

Warm Snacks: Rather than boxed goods, we create warm snacks for the children each day. We primarily use organic ingredients. Pancakes, quesadillas, banana bread all contribute to a full tummy, less processed food, and less trash.

Music: Every week our music teacher plays music and songs opening up ideas of the world around us.

Literature: There are many excellent books on gardening, recycling, and the world in our care. We make sure that these are in the book rotation.

Organic Garden Program: Our Garden Science teacher, Sara Sternberg, works to provide a garden space where children can learn about the outdoors through sensation and observation. Our garden program focuses on nature awareness and connection, striving to cultivate love for our world from an early age. Children have the opportunity to watch and participate in a full season of vegetable cultivation in our small vegetable garden, including harvesting and eating seasonal produce. We believe it is more important than ever to foster passion for science and curiosity about our world!