At Keiki's we try our best to be plastic free. At the beginning of the year you will receive a stainless steel lunch container to bring lunch each day. This helps us cut down on extra plastic and foil.

Bring a lunch each day. Include food your child enjoys and is easy for your child to eat. Please do not include soups, stews, yogurt, “gogurt” or any food your child cannot eat on his own. With 12 children, we cannot feed children individually.

We do not serve cookies, other sweets or juice boxes included in the lunch box. We will leave these items in your child’s lunch box for an after Keikis snack. We discourage foods with a high sugar or fat content. Children tend to fill up on these foods and miss out on more nutritious foods. For the same reason we only serve water . Please do not send juice for us to serve for lunch.

There is a refrigerator and microwave. You can keep items cool. Put a note on any items you want heated. We provide forks, spoons, plates and sippy cups.

WE GREATLY APPRECIATE IT WHEN YOU WRITE YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON EACH CONTAINER YOU BRING FOR YOUR CHILD’S LUNCH (including yogurt containers and applesauce containers). Children love to share food. If there is a food you do not want your child to have please let us know so we can make sure that item is not shared.

If you want your child to use a bib for each meal, please include one in your lunch box. We do not routinely use bibs. If your child has a food sensitivity, please let me know.

We are familiar with how to use an EPI Pen. If your child is highly allergic to any food, please provide an EPI Pen for us to have on hand. ( and a hand written permission slip saying you want us to use the EPI Pen)

We send home uneaten food. This will help you gauge how hungry your child might be in the afternoon. If there is any food your child refuses to eat, we will let you know.