Dianne Ruyffelaere
Program Director
MA in Education
Dianne began Keiki's Corner in 1991 on the corner of Hopkins and Josephine St.  At that time we had only 6 children at Keiki's Corner, and Dianne was the only teacher.  In 1998 the program relocated to 1132 Euclid, and we were able to expand to 12 children.

Dianne is committed to early childhood education and believes that the best learning comes though play. Our goal at Keikis is to teach children how to think, not what to think. 

Sharmilla Gregory
Our lead teacher
After graduating from college, Sharmilla coordinated a program for street children in Sri Lanka for 15 years.  Through her work children were able to get access to school, clothing, food and shelter.  This extensive experience in working with children who have nothing is the core of her compassionate approach to teaching. After joining her family in US we were so lucky that Sharmilla began working at Keikis Corner in 2005.

Nihara Gregory
Nihara has a BS in kinesiology and training in movement science. She also has experience in working with special needs children and has worked with children of all age levels at the YMCA. We are very grateful that she has brought her skills and imagination to Keikis.


Sara Sternberg
Science/Garden Coordinator
Sara holds a BS in Biology, is a Certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher, a
Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper and Gray Water Installer.  Sara has years of experience in organic farming and wholistic livestock management as well as extensive experience in working with toddlers. She is building our science curriculum coordinating with Sharmilla and Niahara to include hands on art, reading, music and snack components to the subjects we explore. www.goldenwestgardens.com

Carley Angell
A nurse by training. Carley is the grandmother of 5 children who have gone through Keikis Corner. Carley has traveled the world and is an accomplished sailor as well as being a dedicated mother, grandmother and friend.  Carley began at Keiki's Corner as an occasional substitute in 1993, and over the years has been a critical part of Keikis in many different roles.  Currently we are lucky enough to have her reading with the children.