We fell in love with Keiki’s Corner from the day we first visited. As soon as we were welcomed in by Dianne, Sharmila, and Nihara for the tour, we knew this was the place for our little one. Being first time parents and with a child with food allergies, we were anxious about any place we would be sending our then 18 month-old. But, Keiki’s has been a second home to our son! The days are filled with stories, songs, art, and free play. Our son has blossomed to a well-rounded preschooler — playful, confident, communicative, caring. Dianne, Sharmila, and Nihara have been doing this together for over a decade and it shows! We couldn’t have found a better place for him and excited to this over again with our daughter.
My daughter attended Keiki’s Corner from the age of 20 months until she aged out at 3 and moved onto preschool. I couldn’t more highly recommend this wonderful program - the teachers are kind, caring and hugely experienced with this age group. I have four children and only discovered Keiki’s with my fourth - I only wish I had found it earlier for the other three. My daughter had a hard time transitioning to begin with and the teachers were so understanding and helpful - and once she had settled in we never once heard her say she didn’t want to go. In terms of the side yard, it is the perfect size for these little people! There is grass for them to run around on, and nooks and crannies to play in and out of, small structures to climb and a house to play in - the size is perfectly adequate and actually a good fit for this age group and the number of children that use it. I will always highly recommend this lovely playgroup - it gives your child a great start in a more social environment and makes the transition into preschool much easier.
Our daughter attended Keiki’s for about 18 months before heading to preschool. We ABSOLUTELY loved Keiki’s and recommend it very highly! The caregivers are warm and loving, and so helpful with toilet training, eating, sharing... as a parent, I felt so supported. The indoor/outdoor space was magical for our daughter. The kids found so many places to play both independently and with each other, and as they get older, are so creative with their pretend play in the structures and spaces provided. The teachers at our top-notch preschool have toured Keiki’s and praise the program for preparing children so appropriately and wholistically for further preschool and school experiences. If you can get a spot, I’d take it without reservations! Happy Keikis Graduate
Dianne, Hildy & Shamilla are the sweetest, most loving, calm, experienced wonderful team. They’ve been together for many, many years and the stability and experience they offer just seems remarkable to me. They can handle just about anything, I’ve never seen one of them every show anything but calm, loving reassurance — to children and parents. My daughter was very shy and clingy to start and she just loves it there so much. She waves every time we drive by and asks every morning if it’s a school day. She’s made good friends, and truly loves her teachers, it makes me so sad it’s only one year. The outside space is lovely — beautiful garden, play area with playhouse etc below, sweet lawn, lemon tree, birds & flowers — pretty dreamy. On a logistical note, Keiki’s is also very flexible, you can drop early and leave as late @ 5:30 if you need longer days they are so accommodating on drop ins. I really can’t think of a sweeter place to enter the wider world than Keiki’s.
I’m writing to share the strongest possible recommendation for Keiki’s Corner. My daughter was in the care of Dianne and her team for the past 18 months ... half of her life! I truly believe that she is a more confident and happy child as a result of the care and attention she received at Keikis. Keiki’s (meaning ‘’child’’ in Hawaiian) is in the lower level of Dianne’s home on Euclid just above Codornices Park. The setting is idyllic for any 2-year-old... organic gardens surrounding the children, outdoor space that blends with the indoor, snuggly couch surrounded by well-loved toys and costumes, a kitchen and big dining table for meals, group potty space.... The caregivers make it so outstanding. Dianne works with 2 long-term Keikis women who are so loving... filled with songs and rhymes, gentle guidance about socializing and emotions, and plenty of hugs and books and giggles. Not to mention the welcome parenting support! Great communication in-person, by phone and email. Competitive rates, with hours til 1:30 plus after-care. Keikis takes children as young as 18 months, who exit before a ‘’3-year-old’’ preschool. Getting a personal referral helps your chances, and they maintain a strong community of like-minded families. A sweet transition from home to preschool. It’s been magical!