Tuition is due at the beginning of each month.

We will email you the invoice in September. This will be what you owe minus the deposit. I will email you again in October. This will be your monthly charge, and it will not change unless you change the number of days you attend Keikis. We will not email you again, but will have the “tuition is due” sign up at the beginning of each month. However, if you have had a “drop-in” day, or drop in aftercare, We will email you to let you know the adjusted tuition amount.

Please let me know if this system does not work for you and we will adjust accordingly. We are happy to provide receipts or complete any paperwork you might require for reimbursement. - Keiki's Tax ID number is 943345148 and is posted in the kitchen. This is for your income taxes and is sometimes required by employers to reimburse for childcare costs.

Your tuition payments are calculated on 20 days/month. Months that you attend more than 20 days are not charged. We bank those extra days and use them for holidays such as winter and spring break. Tuition in December and January is therefore the full month’s tuition, even though we are closed part of each month. Please study the enclosed calendar and mark the days that we will be closed on your family and work calendar.

When you take a vacation at times other than when school is closed, there is no discount or make up available. Full tuition is paid.